Karthik Padmanabhan | Get an Extra Life.

I'm a Passionate Game Designer/Developer currently exploring new horizons in the gaming industry. With a recent tenure as Lead Game Developer at Gameloft, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, particularly in leading successful game development teams. Now, as I embark on the next chapter of my journey, I'm eagerly seeking fresh opportunities to apply my skills and creativity. Previously, I held the role of Lead Technical Developer at Silverback Games, where I led successful projects and contributed to the company's growth.

I hold a master's degree in Mathematical Computing & Data Analytics from Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada, where I acquired a solid foundation in advanced computational techniques.

My goal is to lead successful game development teams and contribute to the creation of exceptional gaming experiences. Proficient in both Unity3D Engine and Unreal Engine, I'm committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Check out my resumé. Connect with me and contact me via LinkedIn if you think I might be helpful for your Professional Work. Or you could just follow me on Twitter. If you would like to discuss any interesting projects/games, let’s talk.

Technical Skills

Unity 3D, C#, Gameplay Programming, Game Design, UI Programming, Tools Programming, Server Interactions, Multiplayer Framework, Debugging Code, Procedural Programming, Threading & Performance Optimization, Native .Net Development, Python (Programming Language), Computer Networking, Asset Bundle Creation and Management, UI Programming (Nova UI, NGUI, UGUI & EzGUI), Integrating Third-Party Libraries and Ad Networks, Bluetooth Multiplayer, A* Path Finding Algorithm, Runtime UV mapping using Custom Atlas Builder, Seed based World-map Saving and Loading with GZip Compression, Machine Learning, AI, NLP

Development Tools & Platforms

Console Development (Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo SDK Integration), Apple Arcade Development, Netflix Game Development, VR Development (Oculus VR – PC & Mobile), Jenkins (CI/CD), Git (including Git master and Gitlab)

Team & Project Management

Lead Development Teams, Team Leadership, Requirement Analysis, R&D (Research and Development), Jira, Confluence, Miro Collaboration Platform

Projects that I have worked on