Karthik Padmanabhan | Get an Extra Life.

I am a Passionate Game Designer/Developer who has joined Gameloft to start a new adventure. I previously worked at Silverback Games as Lead Technical Developer. I have completed my masters' in Mathematical Computing & Data Analytics at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada.

My goal is to create the next big ML/AI Engine to be exclusively used for Games. I basically work with both Unity3D Engine and Unreal Engine.

Some of the things that I am good at working with includes UI Programming, Procedural Environment Generation/Population, Multi-Threading, Performance Optimization, and Server Interactions.

Check out my resumé. Connect with me and contact me via LinkedIn if you think I might be helpful for your Professional Work. Or you could just follow me on Twitter. If you would like to discuss any interesting projects/games, let’s talk.

Projects that I have worked on

Other technologies that I have worked on

Procedural Object Generation/Population, Asset Bundle Creation and Management, Game Design, UI Programming (NGUI, UGUI & EzGUI), Node.Js Multiplayer, Integrating Third-Party Libraries and Ad Networks, Bluetooth Multiplayer, Threading in Unity3d using Loom Multi-Threading Framework, Runtime Memory Management, A* Path Finding Algorithm, Runtime UV mapping using Custom Atlas Builder, Seed based World-map Saving and Loading with GZip Compression, Machine Learning, AI, NLP